We were born of our parents. We are a part of our parents and all of us are supported and helped by all creation in the universe.

What is the ultimate goal of the Creator of the universe?

Blessing and graces. We should make ourselves happy and delightful towards each other. We should bless each other.

The universe is the Creator itself and the Creator is the great parent of everything.

The heart of the Creator is truth, ‘makoto’. All things in nature and the universe are the sacred lights and glorious blessings which have been brought about by ‘makoto’.

Those who are willing to rejoice and be blessed together are called ‘ Bosatsu’

Those who are aware of the heart of the Creator and follow and embody it are ‘Hotoke’

The doctrine for the universal salvation, referred to as a greater vehicle’, is ‘Daijo’.

The great principle which blooms from the universal grace is ‘Myouhou-renge-kyou’ .

The way to respect our ancestors and all creation is ‘Sosen-raihaino-michi’. Everything is
from the grace of the Great Creator.

‘Along with all creation, all souls are the blessings of the Creator. So, follow the teaching of the Creator and good luck.’
This the meaning of ‘kannagara-mitama-sakihaimase’