Toshiro KASHIMA believed BEKKI’s teaching of the “Nihon Tennou-Do”, which preaches the ancestor worship, is perfectly consummated. He also concluded that “Tennou-Do”is the true Mahayana Sutra of the Lotus, which he had been seeking, and which unifies and unites all religious bodies. In other words, it is the right way of unifying all the religious teachings. Thus, he decided to follow Sadao BEKKI in his teaching.

Under the guidance of BEKKI, KASHIMA established the Fumyokai Order and made himself the first president. The second president, Aiko KASHIMA also became a disciple of BEKKI. She took part in operations of the Order under BEKKI’s guidance. During the expansion of the Order, after BEKKI’s death, she built Banrei-Den for spiritual worship at the foot of Mt. Fuji and designated it as the Headquarters.

At the moment, under the third president, branches and sub-branches are active nationwide with Banrei-Den as the center.