Brief Personal Record


1897  March 11 : Born at Yamaga-Machi, Shikamoto-Gun, Kumamoto Prefecture.

1918  June 8 :  Married with Owari KIYONARI

1925  March :   Got acquainted with Chise WAKATSUKI and Kakutaro KUBO.

Late July :  Comprehended a part of the Bodhisattva’ s doctrine.

August 1 :  Completed the writings of The Buddha’s Compassion and Destiny.

1926  July 31 :   Owari (his wife) received a divine revelation related to his missionary work.

1927 :           Went to Fukushima according to the revelation. Began to propagate

the doctrine at Hachimanin Temple in Watari, Fukushima.

Settled down at Fumiya UMEZU’s house later. Led the first congregation

at Umeya Hotel, Fukushima.

1928  August 18 : Under the name of Reiyuhkai, published  Budda’s Compassion and

Destiny  and  The Lotus Sutra of Showa Era (1st Edition).

September 18 : Under the name of Reiyuhkai,  published  The Lotus Sutra of the Showa  Era and Johfukyo Bodhi-sattva and The Lotus Sutra of Showa Era (2nd Edition).

Autumn :  Completed the writings: Christianity and the Lotus Sutra of the Showa Era (3rd Edition).

1929  July 18 :   Under the name of Reiyuhkai,  published  Buddha will never disappear

and  The Lotus Sutra of the Showa Era (4th Edition)  as a part of his work for the Myokokoku Construction.

December 18:  Published  Sanpoh Sutra in mimeograph machine printing.

December 18:  Founded Myohoh-kai.

1930  January 18 :   Under the name of Fumyodo,  published  Myohohdo Journal.

March 3 :   Published  Kohraiten Sutra at Wase-Machi, Fukushima Prefecture.

June :      Went into an ascetic devotion in Aso, Kyushu.

1932 :             Moved to a flat at Jinba-cho, Fukushima-City.

July 7 :     Constructed and opened the Makugawa Konjin Waterfall.

1933 :             Moved the seminary hall to Wase-cho, Fukushsima-City.

1938  March 16 :   Began an ascetic devotion in the Shimizu Waterfall in Aso until April 3,

1945  April :       Changed the name of Myohoh-kai to Jisyudan.

August 8 :   Owari ( his wife) died at Yamaga-Town.

1949  November 3:  Published  Fount of all thoughtsThe Root of the World Religions.

November 23 : Toshiro KASHIMA submitted to BEKK’s teachings.

1951  March 3 :    Made a street sermon at Hyotan Pond in Asakusa in the guise of the dead.

1962  January 31:  Entrusted Fumyokai to set up “Fumyodoh Seiseikaku” at the foot of Mt.

Fuji for the repose of souls and creation in all, so that they could

restore their original divinity to revive as deities.

April 3 :     Published  Gunjohrei Sutra, thus completing most of his teachings.

1964  November 8:   Left some distinctive notes; e.g. “ Be the top divine place kept at

Fumyokai Order. Bestowed his bloodline on Fumyokai and entrusted

Fumyokai with future affairs.

1965  July 8 :      Died at Takamori-Cho, Kumamoto Prefecture.