Brief Personal Record



1925  July 8 :  Born in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture

1939        :  Became a member of Reiyuhkai through the lead of his aunt.

1944  April :   Entered a technical high school in Yokohama (now Yokohama National

University). Led 20,000 persons (nominal) to Yokohama Branch. (KASHIMA divided it into 4 branches later.)

1947  March :  Graduated from the technical school in March and became a staff member

of Reiyuhkai in April.  While privately teaching Tugunari KUBO, he studied

the system and the teachings of Reiyuhkai, and guided the followers.

Began to feel some doubts about and realized the limitations of the

teachings of the Lotus Sutra by Reiyuhkai .

Happened to come across the writings of Sadao BEKKI, which gave him a chance to learn the relationship between Sadao BEKKI and Reiyuhkai.

1949  November 3:  Given the revelation to found the Fumyokai Order.

November 4:   Seceded from the Reiyuhkai.

November 16: Registered the foundation of the Fumyokai Order.

November 23: Visited Sadao BEKKI.

1950  July 18:     A feast was given in honor of the completion of the Main Hall.

1952  September 17: Celebrated the first ceremony.

October 23 : Fumyokai Order was legally registered as a corporate religious body.

1956  August 4 : Given a revelation to go back to the celestial sphere.

1959  June 6 :  Itinerated nationwide (third and final itinerancy till November 24 ).

1960  January 31: Died at Konjin Falls in Fukushima.

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